16 June 2008

this might be an unusual thing to find here in this blog...most of the things that end up here are design or art based...but this system does fit in with the recycling aspect to my work and interests.

i have always been interested in where our rubbish goes once it is picked up from the streets every week. i grew up driving past an open tip in dudley {nsw} on daily trips to the beach. it stank sure, but we all knew where our rubbish went and could see the pile from the road through the trees. we also went there to collect stuff that other people didn't want. it is harder now to know what happens to the things we through away. there is a lot more being consumed so it must be a growing amount of waste.
just recently i discovered that fremantle shire is quite unique with what they do after rubbish collection: it all goes to a big waste site where it is sorted very carefully; all the organic matter plus dirty papers and other biodegradable items go into a huge composting system; which is the second largest of its kind in the world. then all the non-organics get sorted into recyclables or landfill items.
this not only reduces the amount of landfill it also creates a rich compost that can be redistributed into the community.
they do tours of the whole site every week, these pics were taken for me by J when he was there last friday. so we can again see where our rubbish goes.

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