29 August 2008

after every winter comes a spring - artist leon hendroff's beautiful puppets in remedy's footpath gallery, fremantle
'not only a representation of the physical changing of the seasons, it also represents the seasons highs and lows that we go through in life. May you be encourage with the hope of a "sunnier' tomorrow and even find some "warmth" in your "winter"

28 August 2008

One the inside... '
a group exhibition of the built environment in perth. the suburban home, the development in and around the city, the relationship of the building in the environment and the impact it creates.' curated by shiloh perry, moores building contemporary art gallery, fremantle

15 August 2008

clare weeks exhibited over sixty found insect in droplets of resin for the exhibition 'creature discomfort' in 2006 at john paynter gallery, newcastle. these were the precursor to her specialty jewellery label clare de lune. these found insects were hang like a delicate arrangement of raindrops frozen in their fall.

13 August 2008

this is a beauiful little postcard called 'wait 'til you're older film poster 2005' by carrie chau from hong kong, the illustrator behind the wun ying collection.
the photo here doesn't show the gorgeous detail very well, but the little clouds are drawn like lace. so intricate and delicate and humorously absurd

9 August 2008

there is still so many different plant species to discover, with weekend walking trips into the hills a slow collection of new flora is being recorded... this one looks like it belongs in the ocean with other sea creatures

2 August 2008

the old power station at the south end of fremantle wa.
it has been badly vandalized, with every window pane missing. the building itself is quite striking, with huge open spaces inside, it would make an amazing restored, retrofitted and reused building. with a prime position right on the beach front... so much potential...