20 December 2007

these oven mitts were made from vintage marrimekko truck & car curtains my brothers grew up with in the 80's

11 December 2007

a one-piece swimming costume, made from two ordinary plastic bags for an exhibition at podspace, newcastle

9 December 2007

details in surry hills just around the corner from the infamous bourke street bakery

7 December 2007

Elenor of Aquitaine - The Eagle is one of the twelve historical females that artist Alexia Sinclair chose to create in her stunning photographic portrait series The Regal Twelve. Exhibited for the first time as a complete body of work in August 2007 at The University Gallery, Newcastle.
Sinclair has been working diligently and magnificently to reach this level of exquisite imagery through out her studies and now professional career. The Regal Twelve is the culmination of three years of work!
Alexia Sinclair works with the principle of beauty and has an immense imagination and source of energy! not one detail in her photography goes unnoticed. Everything is there for a reason, each garment, jewel or weapon references something; placement is symbolic. The images have as many layers of meaning as there are photographic ones.
Sinclair has been working as a fine art photographer and digital artist for over a decade and now works as a freelance artist on campaigns and commissions including working as a digital artist in New York.

2 December 2007

owls...a small collection of the owl objects & postcards i sit next to while sewing