23 November 2009

with some remaining scraps of passed on fabric this old oak chair scores a new colourful cover

22 November 2009

this lawn is apparently registered?... to whom or what it does not say,
but it is very green and lovely looking
although the sign is very unofficial
perhaps it's only irony

16 November 2009

some amazing guerrilla crafting has sprung up in fremantle. someone has crocheted about 16m of wool and stitched it in place along the middle rung of this railing on cnr of wray ave and south tce, right out side the new favourite cafe wild poppy.

12 November 2009

six new camouflage collars for counter at craft victoria sent off on monday. they are part of the white christmas theme this year.

white, bright, crisp, cool, clean

everything that this humid west coast summer day is not!
(well, perhaps clean is the exception. the unusual humidity is due to the rain, so at least all that summer dust will be washed away)

11 November 2009

finally this crocodile handbag has been reappropriated into a more usable design.
it was sent to me a few year ago by a friend in france...apparently she bought it in a porch sale from an old lady who'd had it from a long ago trip to australia.
so it has returned to it's place of origin.

the old handle was quite worn and not of the length i would use.
so i found this sturdy piece of leather and fitted it to the bag, which is in excellent vintage condition.

4 November 2009

here are two images of the installation i put in the window of remedy leederville on sunday.

it took ages to make the back ground!! it's very delicate and difficult to handle. at 1.7 mtrs long it was scary taking it on the train at 7.30am with all the still-up-from-the-night-before travellers staggering home.

3 November 2009

'I'm here'
Remedy footpath gallery Leederville, 2009
rescued fabric, fly screen, vintage buttons & buckles, found objects, paper