10 March 2007

paisley rain..hanging in the autumn garden in
milly sleeing salon on elgin street carlton

the gorgeous cheongsam with geese-head legs..
illustrated by leah muddle from milly sleeping -
this piece is so deliciously inspiring, in one breath it
is witty, elegant, fantastically absurd with a
touch of melancholy.....

woke up to hot air balloons in the early morning sky
again! the industrial city horizon clashes so absurdly
with the quiet floating pods of hot air and light

9 March 2007

found the croft institute again! a little bar that many
Melbourneians know about, but as a visitor you
have to search for...provided you are aware of it...
it is at the end of a very smelly alley way in the inner
city grid. this small bar is filled with medical looking
furnishings and display pieces

hot air balloons...early morning view from
the nunnery window over carlton gardens

8 March 2007


around the streets of melbourne the
street art constantly changes

this was taken while visiting the very new boutique
housing melbourne designers Preston Zly, Munk
and Ess.Laboratory... the signet bureau
opened during the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival on
165 gertrude street fitzroy... these designers are in a
lovely precinct with Left two doors away, Industria
across the road and many other gertrude delights...
including Ente which is another new discovery!

in the back room of a st kilda gallery there is
a permanent installation given to the gallery by
artist vivienne gay, 'egg beaters' 2002

5 March 2007

'glendon' again... so much to photograph

more than 20 yrs ago my sister and i used to play
this old caravan and eat the sachets of sugar;
it has been slowly falling apart ever since on the
same bit of ground, unused

this is an old wood fire oven or kiln, it's has
been like this ever since it ceased being used

4 March 2007

'glendon', cattle, an old veranda, midday
summer heat, farm equipment, bucket mtns

'glendon' borders onto gloucester river...
the little farm house dates back to the
1800's... the river was full with recent rain

found gloucester police station to collect
keys to a car...this is the holding bay inside
the station, it's quite beautiful, sad & cold...

stroud...on the way to gloucester