23 December 2009

the tip shop
denmark wa, australia

every tip should have one. look at all the wonderful things that get trashed every day of the year....and here in denmark on the south west coast of australia you can come and buy bits and pieces of another persons junk.

it was acually a bit much after a while...but when you have a project in mind, what a great resource to have near by!

this 1950's round house in mt barker, wa, used to turn around depending on where the sun was, a breeze or favoured view...

in recemt times when a new road was being constructed the house was due to be pulled down to make way...but luckily the heritage council came by and listed it. now it's safe for ever.

20 December 2009

car paste-ups... we realised that the paste up idea would work brilliantly on the car... the theme became 'birds'
it's addictive. any unadorned surface now seems in need of a paste-up

17 December 2009

wildflowers on the windy edge of south wa, just near albany. a very beautiful part of the country

15 December 2009

how is this for a wedding gift!
instead of a platter or a dozen wine glasses how about a branding iron? only the counrty folk could come up with such an awesome gift.

apparently the bride wanted to brand her butt and her new husband advised against it... see there big trip here

fyi, the tree was only toasted on the outer layers of paperbark...it is not an eternal vandalisim as it will peal of without a trace in a few months

5 December 2009

ok, these have been blogged for a few days now, perhaps a week without a word about why or what it's all about. that comes with territory of being on the road with limited access to power and technology.

the paste ups where a last inspired moment of living on wray ave in fremantle... our lovely friends from newcastle (or do they belong to sydney or tamworth? anyway, other nsw troups) came by for a paste up party.

looks much nicer than the old blotchy wall that was there before.

3 December 2009

this is a bowl crocheted from scrape fabric by Robyn Shapiro.
i swapped a doll so i could own one of her creations, and this is what came home.
Robyn also put together the colourful couch upholstery at Wildpoppy from a few posts ago.