30 November 2007

today a smoking courier knocked on my door and handed me a large parcel... i was not expecting anything (no recent online purchases on ebay or other)... then i recognised the hand writing of a very dear friend in France!

inside was this beautiful antique tea strainer

...and then there was this handbag...perhaps crocodile skin? it was bought in a 'vide grenier'... "from an amazing old french lady sitting on a deck chair with twinkly eyes visible behind 1950's red lipstick & thick powder! I bet it has some stories to tell!"

21 November 2007

with all the junk on the footpath waiting for the salvo's pickup
is made an ordinary, incongruous sitting space

3 November 2007

the nests are already abandoned
there must be some new yellow eyed black and white birds
finding wing & somewhere to be territorial about

these fruit stickers were a winter's worth of eating...
they were placed on a kitchen wall in a small clustered patch.
the deal was that when they were removed it was a signal for
the winter beard to be shaven off