20 August 2009

the octave
a new obsession with letters. not sure how many alphabets i could stuff with bits of fabric...takes so much longer than expected ... for now it's nice to just have the octave

18 August 2009

a new variation on the 'butterlie with cloud'...now with the heart on a string or rather, chain
starting to make a few of these for new outlets...updates soon

15 August 2009

capel beach, wa...they are not rocks buy an amazing accumulation of winter's seaweed. a transient (if a little smelly) seaweed scape...it is gathered on the beach with the winter currents and by summer it will all be gone

textures and sea creatures

3 August 2009

the brooch of Claude (the Bird)... this piece was made for the very wonderful store Claude (the Bird).
it has taken well over half a year to finally get him made (a lot of deliberating, intervening responsibilities and various other delays...like a mountain between me and the sewing machine)...ahh phew...he has gone on his merry way and now lives in armadale, melbourne.