30 June 2011

instructional design is everywhere when you start noticing it.
it is one of the areas of design that requires simplicity and clarity to achieve success.
which is why this sign on my local bus is so amusing.

vacate seat for an injured person, ok fine.
vacate seat for an elderly or less mobile person, but is she dancing ?
and vacate seat for a ....? what is that female representing?
is she obese?
is she itchy?
is she pregnant?

was the designer having a joke...who designed this?
i would really love to know.

4 June 2011

dead bird...
found in the park early one morning on those very first cold clear windy days.
it looked as though it had just fallen straight out of the tree.

1 June 2011

this was an accidental project...
it started as an idea that i could commission AB to make one for a friend's new baby.
then i started getting involved and found that i was making it myself. i've never tended towards patchwork... it just seemed too crazy to stitch all those tiny squares together by hand.

but it became strangely addictive and meditative to be doing something repetitive.