25 June 2010

Political Interlude from usual posts

i couldn't resist in celebrating the first day with a new Prime Minister of Australia.
our first female PM!
Julia Gillard takes the leadership role.
an historic day.

a special cartoon from the favourite Leunig.
an iced vovo is the perfect biscuit for the proverbial 'smoko'
the final curtain on Rudd. what a way to go!

24 June 2010

this is another project that is taking up my idle hours...not that there are many.
infact i seem to have become addicted to knitting.
it started off as a way to use up old wool in cluttered cupboards. it quickly blew out into buying wool and searching out colours.
most of the squares were knitted by AB, i am too slow and very much of a beginner to have achieved such a stack. they are waiting to be sewn into a colourful blanket. but first we have to knit the other 40 squares needed!!

23 June 2010

this is the patch i made for the Project Patchwork organized by Lizzy Wilson.
all the crafters, makers, designers involved were given a piece of fabric to tie it all together (the fabric used in the clouds, the whale and one of the hearts).
it has certainly taken up more time than i expected... all my own fault really...but it is hard not to get carried away with something that is different to the every day making.

15 June 2010

what to do with odd bits of wool?

they aren't big enough for anything useful or wearable...
there is always the option of some guerilla knitting
what could be better for the drab streets of a post industrial town.

how long will is last in place? that's the test.

there is a great site here for some inspiring knitting ideas.
might need a team of knitters though!

11 June 2010

two collar blanks.
these ones are sold without any clasp.

they are for the wearer who already has a favourite brooch or badge, or infact a collaction of them.

i've just listed these two on my on-line store.

8 June 2010

after the markets on saturday (which were quiet due to the wet weather weekend)
i have sorted out my stock of brooches, dolls and other designs.
this cushion from my previous post on friday is the first to be released into my on-line store.
more things will follow over the next few days and weeks.