28 March 2009

mother blessing bead... made for d.
there will be a necklace made of all the different beads brought by each woman to the mother blessing later this afternoon...then d will wear it or have it hung near her during the birth of her first child.
all the plans are for a beautiful home birth...the whole home birth issue happens to be a hot topic at the moment. it is one of the many choices for giving birth...but unfortunately in this country home birth is unsupported financially, medically and within general society (one astonishing and revealing comment that d heard from a neighbour was :" isn't that illegal?")

23 March 2009

finally a long awaited escape to the wild south-western coast of WA... hopefully body surfing in some definite waves.
this tree was recently burnt out at prevelly beach, margaret river. such a perfect skeleton of it's origial form. a reminder of what a huge part of victoria must look like at the moment.

weekend textures of yallingup WA