27 April 2007

subway love... this is one of the images that
felicity and sam took while visiting New York
last year. the full collection of images are
gorgeous, funny and can be seen all together
at the what lies ahead link on this site...enjoy

26 April 2007

...child's dropped hanky washed into the
bitumen footpath after days of rain

...combi alight on king street

accidental street art

20 April 2007

small details...stitches, scratches,
lantern pods and other frangments

18 April 2007

"he danced for the first time today"

Sheree Fleming's is currently exhibiting until
13th may 2007 at john miller galleries with her
show called 'something for nothing'

"the indian in the cupboard, on what saturday?"

this painting is from a previous exhibition in 2006.

17 April 2007

made for Abigail's birthday, january 2005

the original harassed mummy doll, made for
Abigail Plet in early january 2005, the brief was:
"make me a five minute doll...an harassed doll" -
she has three young boys and usually unable to find
a quiet moment for herself...

15 April 2007

eaten through...last visit to glendon and this
fruit was rippening with the heat

these car bodies have been in the same place
for over twenty years...

the old dairy

early morning... empty beds

camping in the rodent ridden farm house

the waning crescent moon a tiny speck above
the pine tree before dawn

13 April 2007

perhaps that darn cat is responsible for this mangled
easter chick... found crushed into the pavement
at 12:34 on the corner of perkins street

somewhere there is a cat... escaped from
her red rubber collar

remnants of the easter weekend

autumn feigoas...

9 April 2007

winter hens and roosters..... images sent from a friend
in north western France last year...love the soft feather
feet in the chilly looking snow!

Alexia Sinclair has recently launched her new website
showcases recent photography projects, studies and
commissions...her work is strong & feminine, daring, passionate
immaculate, elegant, loaded with symbolism and always
unbelievably executed...

this image
of Rowena and Juliana Foong from
High Tea With Mrs Woo
is from her Women of the
World series
, where Alexia was asked to photograph
six women of inspiration to the photographer...
Alexia's six images are now complied in a coffee
table book for the australian kaftan designer Camilla

1 April 2007

on closer inspection...

the abandoned trolley, early sunday morning
in ultimo outside no.222