31 March 2008

No standing & four hours parking only between the hours of 8am-6pm
left in the sand all weekend. south beach fremantle

27 March 2008

forgot to upload this image a few posts ago.
taken in a little side lane in perth...
not sure what it's message is...but fashion, LV, asia, blind, bandanna & imposter are all there

24 March 2008

shipping containers piled up near the port beach in north fremantle...

the old north fremantle municipal council building is now being used as an antique centre

19 March 2008

the birth by mark ryden, he was previously mentioned much earlier in this blog... his paintings are always so strange and sinister. they have an aura of innocence, but then tell violent or beguiling tales... this is a postcard i picked up the other day from a little boutique in perth called keith & lottie

11 March 2008

a full set of scrabble squares... found in a little antique shop in fremantle

these were also found in the antique shop, buried amongst a whole lot of other junky things

9 March 2008

old signs and abandoned shop fronts

an old night safe box in the old bank wall

8 March 2008

the smallest cinema i've ever sat in... it is overwhelmingly red and hard to sit far enough away from the screen. the cinema belongs tofremantle's luna on sx

street art & stencil art is apparently just beginning to take off in fremantle & perth.
i went into a gorgeous little boutique keith & lottie
and right out the back past their little gallery space, is hidden The Butcher Shop. it is not a place of meat, but lined with boutique spray paint cans!

7 March 2008

changing over mobile sim cards... they are intricate & quite beautiful little plastic chips that connect us to a constant network or messaging, calling and availability. it's hard to be alone if you own one of these

xwary cafe... just having moved to wray avenue, i am told that the best cafe in fremantle used to be on that avenue. the owners quarreled with the landlord and left their popular address. soon after the cafe owners began another, as excellent cafe in essex street...they called it xwray

concrete couch in the fremantle art centre forecourt

6 March 2008

it's the port for new car arrivals among many other things. the new farm machinery look like little toys lined up ready to be pushed delightedly into the harbour.
the big loaders look like robot giraffes presiding over container ships

moving to a new state means new signage. these ones in perth made me laugh. i love the illustrations, even though warning signs are serious, they somehow always ends up looking like frames from a storyboard or a comic book

silver princess.. an amazing sliver branched weeping eucalyptus in the perth botantic gardens

4 March 2008

little creatures brewery. when i told people i was moving to fremantle the amount of times this brewery was mentioned meant it has to be visited. very popular hang out for locals or all ages and very delicious food, view and retro fitted boat shed venue!

new types of eucalyptus to find out about.. these two are flowering at the moment.

this is actually a bud for yet another eucalyptus flower. each tubular piece falls off to reveal a bright yellow blossom

1 March 2008

it's another pressed tin ceiling... (it's actually exactly the same design as J's old room in newcastle
further down in last months posting) this time in fremantle city's kakulas sister's amazing whole food shop! i was actually wanting to record the ancient pealing wallpaper. it must go back to early asian presence in fremantle. the parisoles, lanterns & oriental dress is beguiling. amazing what was printed and then papered onto walls!

i keep being drawn to photograph small dead animals found on footpaths, gutters, shore lines and various other places... many of them birds & fish. this little mouse follows another found late last year, buried now in this blog archive