24 April 2009

these were made for new little Luka in tassie. there are sixteen different combinations of arranging the fabric to spell luka. mathematics and art have a long history together. it is not true to say one is either an artistic type or a scientific type... they often come together. is that what they call a designer? a recent design forum at perth's art gallery of western australia pondered the title 'designer' ... one descriptions was that a designer sits between the humanities and the sciences? it seems to be a broad title.

21 April 2009

we gleaned these olives from some trees down near the boat marina, fremantle. it took about two weeks of soaking the fresh olives in water with a splash of salt to help reduce the bitterness. the water is changed and replaced each day...after just a few days they start smelling like olives. once the soaking is done, brine is made with water and enough salt to float a fresh egg. then place drained and rinsed olives into prepared jars (sterilised in boiling water for two minutes), pour in brine and top with a glug of olive oil before sealing with lid. they take about 2 months of being sealed in the jars before they can be eaten. yummy olives for winter!

2 April 2009

nicoletta ceccoli's work has a similar feel to it as mark ryden. perhaps with a little more lewis carroll about it.... the button and the dice are so symbolic and wonderfully domestic at the same time.