28 January 2008

hot air ballooning in Mareeba (mango country) up in the Atherton Tablelands west of Cairns.

gliding like a cloud over mango trees heavy with fruit...some were almost purple, obviously a good season

a small graveyard, so ordered and strange from this view...like unusual scratches to mark the passage of time without modern instruments

27 January 2008

'breath of life'
one of the installations dotted around newcastle centre as part of 'back to the city" - this piece is a collaboration between seven people all from different work practices. "... this project makes visible the previous use of this site by early Europeans. [A windmill] was once an important navigational marker for shipping and its demolition caused an outcry from ship captains. As a result, the Obelisk was erected in 1850 as a stable point of reference... In this installation a number of 3 mtr high windmill forms spill down the slopes of the Obelisk hill suggesting the possibility of sustainable energy."

sunday handball on one of the disused tugboat berths in newcastle harbour. another installation site for 'back to the city'
a collaboration between artists and architects: Izabela Pluta, Paulo Macchia, Brian Suters and Philip Pollard. not much of the actual installation is visible here...but the social use of the space is also part of the installation's intent. (Izabela & Paulo are pictured in the two right-hand courts)

17 January 2008

Debi van Zyl has become one of my favourite bloggers in recent months. not only because i found my name amongst her 'people i wish i new list', but more because the images she seems to constantly inspire me with and always amazing and recent! clearly a very busy blogger and maker!
When Debi's not blogging she is knitting gorgeous creatures like the two above: 'andrew' & 'gavin'.
late last year Debi and i did a swap. gavin and arthur (see below) were sent over to Newcastle from California. to see their arrival and ongoing adventures go to the link on the right side of this blog called 'gavin & arthur'
these little people are full of character and made with such care and skill.
to see more of her work, or in quest of making one of her knitted creatures your own, visit Debi van Zyl 's website.

gavin & arthur now live in newcastle on barker street

their first adventure once unpacked