28 May 2008

i posted another of Victoria Roberts' cartoons earlier this month, but this one just couldn't go without ceremony, not only is it one of the very few where his wife is not speaking let alone omitted from the cartoon all together, it also references a favourite book of mine: the little prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery.

22 May 2008

finished the ring today! it was an easy process for the last stage, but very repetitive. no heating or dipping into chemicals needed. it was all done with a round metal tapered bar and a wooden mallet. once it was beaten into an even round shape it was all about filing, sanding and finally the buffing.

17 May 2008

three tile mosaics set in to an artist friend's native garden... all the tile parts are from her own handmade tiles from over the years of making them in fremantle.

her studio and garden ordainments. the colour of her studio is as bright and flamboyant as the colours used in her tiles. the mosaic decorations in and around her home and garden hint at her portuguese heritage. apparently the churches in portugal are covered with very decorative colourful tiles...

16 May 2008

i have started a traditional jewellery course at the Fremantle Arts Centre
over the 9 weeks i will slowly show the progress of what is made.
below is two stages of making a ring from sterling silver.

stage two: yesterday i finally managed to have it resemble a ring shape. after filing the inside of the raindrops with minute files (and the saw blade for the tiny tips of the drop shape) it was then time to change the properties of the silver to allow for bending. so with flux, a blow torch and various liquids it was then possible to bend until the ends touched. then fluxed again and soldered for a solid join

stage one: last weeks beginning of making a ring of sterling silver. with the help of a delicate saw blade and a lot of patience five tiny raindrop shapes were cut out of 1mm metal.

the sketch of the ring design is first done on paper and repeated. one is cut out to stick onto the silver as a templete the other stays in the book as a record.

12 May 2008

this is the newest doll for my exhibition at remedy's footpath gallery, i have mentioned it before in previous posts. a brief and very small preview to some new work before their premiere into the world via Fremantle's High street...
this one is about hair, well, a part of it's story will be about hair. look carefully for the small but real hair ball of silvery-white hair sewn into the dolls head... you'll have to wait for the opening show to hear the full story...

11 May 2008

the painted fish bed & breakfast had an open day on sunday, owners Tim & Sharni's have a lot to show off at their Sustainable House from solar panels to worn farms 7 composts...the open air showers were definitely one of the most exciting features. i'm sure we'd all be much healthier if we all washed in the sun, the storm or the rain

outside shower for the 'carriage' room

detail of the shower head made by Tim Darby

most of the houses in the inner fremantle area are small and old and very modest dwelling that have either been lovingly restored, updated or remain heritage listed... this house has evidently sprung up in very recent decades. it seems to be a veritable empire, it seems to go on and on, little balconies and stairs and follies all over the place. it makes me laugh every time i walk past it.

10 May 2008

a new stool... this little stool was found for only $5 at melville sunday market.
it had old deteriorated black vinyl on the seat, while the legs and frame looked rusted.
after brushing off the 'rust' which turned out to be dirt and recover the seat with off cuts from some Florence Broadhurst fabric it has turned into an amazing piece of furniture!

cartoonist Victoria Roberts is one of the best bits of The Australian magazine on a saturday morning.
the wife is the only one that ever speaks in this on going cartoon.

9 May 2008

this amazing moth was crumpled on the door step...discovered after an early morning walk.

old warehouse doors at moore & moore

3 May 2008

dingo flour
"the dingo image painted on the silo, has been a landmark for generations of western australians and is a welcoming sign visible from land and the sea,"

sculpture by the sea at cottesloe beach, perth's favourite swimming beach complete with shinning white sand.

street front retaining wall in north fremantle...house owners are proud people over here in the west. not to mention creative with old, disused and industrial materials. what a great find...i wonder what these numbers were made for originally? i'm still looking for a reverse garbage {nsw} equivalent here in fremantle or perth.
brisbane's reverse garbage {qld} was so exciting that i seriously considered moving to the city...preferably within walking distance or a short bike ride from the amazing array of great stuff.

1 May 2008

camouflage collar..wednes day... one of my latest additions to my on-line store at Made It. there are four designs that i have been making: saturday night, sunday morning, monday noon and wednes day.