17 July 2009

op-shop barbies. quite a sickening scene. naked and discarded.

12 July 2009

couldn't resist posting another four sketches of jody wong. these now belong to my own art collection.

10 July 2009

j was given these on friday. beautiful old french paper puzzels in a box. each one comes in it's own separate envelope

2 July 2009

this rug was made by olivia and sent all the way over from madrid (where she lives) for A here in fremantle... a very beautiful crochet rug of many beautiful colours.

1 July 2009

this strange taxidermy roo was carried around by a group of people at little creatures claiming to be from the abc doing a doco on the return of skippy?? hmmm, have to wait and see if that one is real or not...sounds a bit weird, and why is 'skippy' sporting bandaged paws??