27 February 2007

have pulled out some old images...

these were taken while walking around sydney
one weekend. the stencil art becomes evidence
of where the owl hung out... there is a whole
series, but only these two will make it online

Lure hair and beauty salon, smith street melbourne

frozen water in a glass bottle... it was meant to only
stay in the freezer until it chilled enough to drink one
hot afternoon... a few days later it was discovered
in the freezer, shattered glass everywhere

this motorbike used to park in the neighbourhood
and i noticed this message on the speedometre etc
'Your family needs you'... a message to drive safely?
a reminder to come home? i haven't seen the bike
for over a year...

an abandoned chair on the lakeside

25 February 2007

mammy and pappy S&P

... the little golly dolly

last time i was wandering around this big antique
shop this little chair was full of different golliwogg
dolls...cast-off when it seemed like they should
retire for good as a relic of an earlier time...either
there is a collector out there or the perhaps the
golly is no longer so hotly controversial...

this doll looked so frighten... she seems to have
age stained eyes and corners of her mouth!

sunday's early morning view...the
ships looked like they were suspended
in the light on the horizon

24 February 2007

backyard harvest
5 butternut pumpkins from a very small veggie patch

22 February 2007

king edward park

this parsley was planted in the local park
after i had help remove a specific rectangle
turf for an artwork installation.
the parsley filled the hole...
it had to come from this park as the concept
of the installation required this detail.

on the way to install at the gallery...
stopped for a coffee and temporarily
installed it outside on the cafe's hosebox