31 October 2010

this knitting was sewn on to the bike parking bollard outside estabar (cafe) a few months back, the wool colours are so bright and lovely here, and wet from a big late winter down pour.

23 October 2010

these statues of sydney have been 'dressed' by a group of artist for sydney event art & about 2010

see the blog for more amazing images of the sydney statues: project!

21 October 2010

I was just remembering this library in Paris to someone earlier this week.
i've only been there once, but i'm sure it would be a great library to live near. not only for the amazing collection of books, but also the setting you have to read them in.

the Bibliotheque Francois Mitterrand is the architectural work of frenchman Dominique Perrault.

1 October 2010

letterboxes of newcastle by
trevor dickinson

some new paste-ups around town.
TINA additions to brighten some ugly blank walls.