29 January 2010

ok, so this has been done before, much better than i've achieved here too.
but i promised i'd do it, not here in freo, but somewhere down south while camping. but i didn't. even though it was a very long camping trip, it was never the right time. so there they are; now on a very snug elbow of a freo plane tree.
stitching while reaching up is not easy for long...

10 January 2010

seeds from the wattle trees in shannon national park.
they are small and delicate, and hard to collect from the heavy leaf litter... not sure what sort of wattle, there must be hundreds of species in this nationl park alone.

4 January 2010

on and early morning walk this was found in a rock pool. an entire eco system spewed up from the depths to perish in the summer sun...

1 January 2010

on the way out from parry's beach campsite on our way towards peaceful bay we passed these postboxes. a little letterbox village