20 December 2007

these oven mitts were made from vintage marrimekko truck & car curtains my brothers grew up with in the 80's

11 December 2007

a one-piece swimming costume, made from two ordinary plastic bags for an exhibition at podspace, newcastle

9 December 2007

details in surry hills just around the corner from the infamous bourke street bakery

7 December 2007

Elenor of Aquitaine - The Eagle is one of the twelve historical females that artist Alexia Sinclair chose to create in her stunning photographic portrait series The Regal Twelve. Exhibited for the first time as a complete body of work in August 2007 at The University Gallery, Newcastle.
Sinclair has been working diligently and magnificently to reach this level of exquisite imagery through out her studies and now professional career. The Regal Twelve is the culmination of three years of work!
Alexia Sinclair works with the principle of beauty and has an immense imagination and source of energy! not one detail in her photography goes unnoticed. Everything is there for a reason, each garment, jewel or weapon references something; placement is symbolic. The images have as many layers of meaning as there are photographic ones.
Sinclair has been working as a fine art photographer and digital artist for over a decade and now works as a freelance artist on campaigns and commissions including working as a digital artist in New York.

2 December 2007

owls...a small collection of the owl objects & postcards i sit next to while sewing

30 November 2007

today a smoking courier knocked on my door and handed me a large parcel... i was not expecting anything (no recent online purchases on ebay or other)... then i recognised the hand writing of a very dear friend in France!

inside was this beautiful antique tea strainer

...and then there was this handbag...perhaps crocodile skin? it was bought in a 'vide grenier'... "from an amazing old french lady sitting on a deck chair with twinkly eyes visible behind 1950's red lipstick & thick powder! I bet it has some stories to tell!"

21 November 2007

with all the junk on the footpath waiting for the salvo's pickup
is made an ordinary, incongruous sitting space

3 November 2007

the nests are already abandoned
there must be some new yellow eyed black and white birds
finding wing & somewhere to be territorial about

these fruit stickers were a winter's worth of eating...
they were placed on a kitchen wall in a small clustered patch.
the deal was that when they were removed it was a signal for
the winter beard to be shaven off

29 October 2007

clearing out an old house... it's empty and ready for new owners.
unchanged for probably 40 years judging by the wallpaper...
the old scars & signs or wear are all that remain of the man who lived here

11 October 2007

1 October 2007

Miranda July's first book called no one belongs here more than you
it is a series of short stories that are as unusual as they are familiar.
she is an amazingly talented artist, writer and film maker.
Her first feature film Me And You And Everyone We Know meet stunning reviews...
a breath of fresh air into the world of film.

Are You The Favorite Person Of Anybody?

{I had just finished shooting Me and You, and was waiting for my editor to finish the first rough assembly so I could begin editing. In the meantime I felt like I was in so deep with this movie stuff that I was never going to write another short story ever again. But then I wrote these three dialogues, and even though they weren't too substantial, I felt relieved that I had produced something somewhat literary. I read them to Miguel, and he said, "I want to shoot it this weekend."}

25 September 2007

20 September 2007

the old newcastle hospital is close to demolition...so all the
furniture has been jumbled into the carpark for dumping. everything
has been pushed into a pickup truck and taken, no interest in
redistributing the very usable pieces of furniture... old chairs, desks
and various collectable items of disused medical equipement...

10 September 2007

these letters were still drifting on the water three days later.......

five letters cut from thick card and taken over to
king edward park for sunday afternoon installation