23 July 2007

red boudoir chair
it was cluttered in an uncle's old musty house, a house
still hung with 1950's wallpaper... the chair was hard to
single out for it's own gorgeous colour and shape from all
the other collected stuff one man managed to gather.
it has a new life now...
waiting to adore a boudoir / studio to come

20 July 2007

the Carrington Hotel
established 1882

an old derelict college

the Paragon cafe, restaurant & choclatierie is
a fine example of heritage art-deco decor.
it is still running with all the flapper trappings
of the early 1900's. it's Katoomba's original milk bar.
my sister and i visited this place over 20 years ago
with our parents... and the memory of waffles is strong;
or maybe our memories are better attributed to the maple
syrup, which, due to a momentary laps of parental
inforcement of manners "fit to dine with the queen"
we were allowed to drink the sweet syrup (with a straw).

instead of photographing the waffles i just had to order
in honour of a memory (no syrup drinking this time)i went
out the back of the cafe to capture the old bathrooms
and high tea rooms...

14 July 2007

the white kkk hats stood out in the bright winter sun,
especially next to the white obelisk....a bizarre sight