26 May 2007

two days between the hospital and the sea.
<5>36 breaths per minute

25 May 2007

'lost & found' by ryan obermeyer
ryan obermeyer is a texan artist creating surreal
and hyperreal digital photographs and paintings.
obermeyer focuses on post-production where he
stitches & 'paints' together a collages of multiple
layers of photography to create one image....

18 May 2007

his legs were constantly needing repair... so it
finally came down to amputation. Pupa now has
two new legs and much smarter woollen striped trousers

1 May 2007

high tea with mrs woo showed their latest
collection for summer 2007/08 at sydney's
fashion week late last month...this beautiful
new collection is called 'Hidden'

"Inspired by the shadowy darkness and seduction
of film noir, HIDDEN is a study of garments as
a second skin that reveal and conceal the body
and her erogenous zones."