11 May 2008

the painted fish bed & breakfast had an open day on sunday, owners Tim & Sharni's have a lot to show off at their Sustainable House from solar panels to worn farms 7 composts...the open air showers were definitely one of the most exciting features. i'm sure we'd all be much healthier if we all washed in the sun, the storm or the rain

outside shower for the 'carriage' room

detail of the shower head made by Tim Darby

most of the houses in the inner fremantle area are small and old and very modest dwelling that have either been lovingly restored, updated or remain heritage listed... this house has evidently sprung up in very recent decades. it seems to be a veritable empire, it seems to go on and on, little balconies and stairs and follies all over the place. it makes me laugh every time i walk past it.

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