16 May 2008

i have started a traditional jewellery course at the Fremantle Arts Centre
over the 9 weeks i will slowly show the progress of what is made.
below is two stages of making a ring from sterling silver.

stage two: yesterday i finally managed to have it resemble a ring shape. after filing the inside of the raindrops with minute files (and the saw blade for the tiny tips of the drop shape) it was then time to change the properties of the silver to allow for bending. so with flux, a blow torch and various liquids it was then possible to bend until the ends touched. then fluxed again and soldered for a solid join

stage one: last weeks beginning of making a ring of sterling silver. with the help of a delicate saw blade and a lot of patience five tiny raindrop shapes were cut out of 1mm metal.

the sketch of the ring design is first done on paper and repeated. one is cut out to stick onto the silver as a templete the other stays in the book as a record.

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