2 November 2012

Studio Melt

these are the new things i have been making for the last few weeks and months...

the two in the foreground are new arrivals at Studio Melt, they are mini pouffs for small children...they also go by the name 'zafu' which is a yoga seat.
the larger one sitting in the bottom shelf is a regular sized pouff.

each one is unique and made from rescued fabric off-cuts. 
they are also stuffed with more fabric off-cuts, so the bigger ones can be heavy!
Trish from wanderlust is my fabric supplier, she creates bags of fabric scraps every day with her womens wear label. 

thanks to Ange from Stuio Melt for taking this pic and posting it here on her store's Facebook page.

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Olivia said...

It's been too long since I dropped by ... Love love love the pouffs!!!