30 March 2011

the scene from our inner city apartment. the beach is just beyond these buildings.
the light was perfect for only a few seconds... the colour of that new Sebel wall looked beautiful against the sky...and then there is all the construction work going on behind the old morgue.
great contrasts with the delicate sky.

15 March 2011

broken in three


felicity gleeson made this gorgeous bangle.
it is parts of an old doily embedded in resin, which is perfectly clear and magnifies the textures colour and details of the yarn.

somehow i don't think gluing is going to do any favours for this beautiful piece.

if you are reading this miss felicity.... i need to visit any stocks you may have!!

12 March 2011

citrus season

sundays are often when i remember the wonderful centenary centre on the harbour side of city.
it is often just to browse around and look at everything but for nothing in particular.

today's mission was a citrus press.

preferably not plastic.
but not the standard glass dish style ones either. without a clue what other design or way of squeezing oranges their might be (apart from the press/crush ones in fashion which J managed to break too easily with unwitting strength), i though this place was a good start.

after looking for a while at all the glass dish squeezers and one very beautiful green glass one with a jug below to catch the juice (much too expensive)...

...i found this perfect solution.

it is a 1940's piece, made from ceramic
very sturdy and perfect to use sitting over a cup to juice.

...and the autumn/winter oranges are on their way!

5 March 2011

after a long break from any posts during summer it is time to be inspired again.

the colour of these aubergines is hard to reproduce in digital form, the texture and deep gloss of the skins are so much part of the pigment.
it is hard not to be inspired to at least cook these vegetables.
they are straight from our community garden... although small they are delicious.
like anything pick on the day from an organic garden they taste so much better than their homogenised sisters.