12 March 2011

citrus season

sundays are often when i remember the wonderful centenary centre on the harbour side of city.
it is often just to browse around and look at everything but for nothing in particular.

today's mission was a citrus press.

preferably not plastic.
but not the standard glass dish style ones either. without a clue what other design or way of squeezing oranges their might be (apart from the press/crush ones in fashion which J managed to break too easily with unwitting strength), i though this place was a good start.

after looking for a while at all the glass dish squeezers and one very beautiful green glass one with a jug below to catch the juice (much too expensive)...

...i found this perfect solution.

it is a 1940's piece, made from ceramic
very sturdy and perfect to use sitting over a cup to juice.

...and the autumn/winter oranges are on their way!

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