30 September 2010

the lock-up exhibition opening, featuring works by three artists; samuel bruce, charlie penrose and electrofringe/lock-up artist-in-residence dale gorfinkel.

this is not art
newcastle 2010

29 September 2010

riding for all occasions...
why do most of us in australia think we have to wear ugly 'pratical' footware to ride our bikes!

i've just been looking at the cycle chic blog.
these are some of the images i found there!

if only we in australia could enjoy the freedom to ride without a helmet...

now i really do need to learn how to crochet.
my yellow bike is nolonger complete with out one of these skirtguards
hand made in the netherlands by simeli

28 September 2010

my yellow bike made it into the photo!

these images are the final result from the creative tim neve.
they are now on the lost at e minor blog for all to see.

first up is zac zavos, one of the creative founders of lost at e minor;
then gillian bencke (your truly) from her label bencke;
and then tim mcphee, one of the members of the band firekites.

all of us newcastle dwellers

27 September 2010

a great image from wong during her travels...
this one is new york
they are all beautiful photographs
have a look now

new collars
there are now a few available in my online shop...
they'll be going off to The Olive Tree Markets this saturday too.
some more in the process this week.

25 September 2010

22 September 2010

trying out the white collar...
it is going to be used in a photo shoot this morning.
tim neve has the job through lost at e minor, and the final results will be live next week on lost at e minor.

19 September 2010

the tassles on the elm tree at 'greenways' are always the first stage of the spring garden.
the whole tree humms from dawn to dusk with the sound of bees.
thousands of them.

the other half of the image is a green moth?

8 September 2010

dead bird in pacific park in early spring
pacific park
newcastle east