29 September 2010

riding for all occasions...
why do most of us in australia think we have to wear ugly 'pratical' footware to ride our bikes!

i've just been looking at the cycle chic blog.
these are some of the images i found there!

if only we in australia could enjoy the freedom to ride without a helmet...

now i really do need to learn how to crochet.
my yellow bike is nolonger complete with out one of these skirtguards
hand made in the netherlands by simeli


Olivia said...

Gil have you seen this blog http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/ you can find many very glamorous high heel wearing ladies on bicycles ... I think you will like it xxx Liv

g said...

i liv, thanks for the link to the sartorialist.
it's great! it makes me want some new shoes! haha
and take really cool photos of all things.