18 August 2010

i have just unearthed the memory of this project
these images are now 5 years old and they never got to be displayed in the way they were intended. more on that soon.

the project brief:
12 bencke dolls from the exhibition 'A Crowd' were given to 12 people to have for 1 to 2 weeks.
during this period they were asked to take photos of their assigned doll while going about their weekly routine.
the three images above are taken of the doll 'daisy'.

it was quite an amazing compilation of images by the end of the 2 weeks, the dolls had been showered in attention judging by fun in the 'holiday' photos.

next came the arranging in chronological order of all the images into PowerPoint.
after many late nights the final presentation was ready and launch just in time for the TINA (This Is Not Art) festival in sept/oct 2005.

we set up the projector and screened the 'Travels In Time' in the window of High Tea with Mrs Woo on darby street newcastle.
it was up for all of half an hour after we'd locked up and gone home for much wanted sleep.
some !*$#&@% hacked the back door down and stole the whole kit: computer, projector and all the hours and hours of work.

no back up for lost computer files, no finger prints. no 'Travels In Time'.

until then i've really not known what to do with the cd's of images.

maybe i'll put them all into a blog of their own.
after 5 years, perhaps it's time.

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