23 March 2009

finally a long awaited escape to the wild south-western coast of WA... hopefully body surfing in some definite waves.
this tree was recently burnt out at prevelly beach, margaret river. such a perfect skeleton of it's origial form. a reminder of what a huge part of victoria must look like at the moment.

weekend textures of yallingup WA


Olivia said...

Gil these textures are so beautiful! are they ants in the bottom left corner?
I hope you found some body surfing waves. I know how much you miss them.
xx Liv

g said...

hi liv
yes they are ants... eating a drop of icecream or something...they looked like cattle around a dam.
it was so amazing down south. going to sleep with the sound of the waves crashing and then waking up to a rough swim. it's quite wild down there.
i'll get john to upload more pic on facebook soon
xxx g

debi van zyl said...

wow... looks incredible. the landscape is almost pure graphic.