26 January 2009

after being trapped inside for two days the trees and sky dominated.

the old tiles at KEMH ... public instututions don't get this kind of attention and detail any more.

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Olivia said...

Hi Gil.
I'm so glad to have seen your blog. You've been posting for a while now, so I still haven't had a chance to look right through, but what I've seen so far is beautiful! I'm happy to see more of your photographs after so long (I have some very old ones here with me in Madrid and I love them as much as ever).
It sounds like Aktil has settled right in, week two and off to the beach! I can wait to see more photos.
I miss you too, alot! Especially now I'm not working and have the day to crochet, cook, blog and drink tea, all this would be much more fun with you!
Big kisses and I hope you enjoy the sourdough recipe. xx