13 April 2008

another doll is cut, unstitched, unbuttoned and deconstructed to make way for the new...this one was made for exhibition 'stuffed' at this is not art a few years back in newcastle. everything was white. she nolonger made sense in my suitcase of exhibited dolls. and an up and coming exhibition, where they all climb out and wander off to another gallery wall, made me clean up and reasses this particular doll. her neck always bothered me, it flopped around and looked poorly finished despite my constant readjusting. it was a mistake right back at the sewing machine... her neck was too long and thin for this white cotton fabric and her head to heavy.
she now resides in pieces inside another new creature!

to find a sign cleverly changed is always a good photo excuse... this one is in a hospital car park and seems sort of curious and fitting...i wonder who and why they changed it

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