1 October 2007

Miranda July's first book called no one belongs here more than you
it is a series of short stories that are as unusual as they are familiar.
she is an amazingly talented artist, writer and film maker.
Her first feature film Me And You And Everyone We Know meet stunning reviews...
a breath of fresh air into the world of film.

Are You The Favorite Person Of Anybody?

{I had just finished shooting Me and You, and was waiting for my editor to finish the first rough assembly so I could begin editing. In the meantime I felt like I was in so deep with this movie stuff that I was never going to write another short story ever again. But then I wrote these three dialogues, and even though they weren't too substantial, I felt relieved that I had produced something somewhat literary. I read them to Miguel, and he said, "I want to shoot it this weekend."}

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