30 July 2011

trevor dickinson mural

on the way to Newcastle Beach from the city is a little tunnel taking pedestrians under the road to pop out right at the beachside...
there has been a mural on either side of this tunnel for years; but the predominate colour seemed to be black, making it dark inside...

in steps trevor dickinson with his awesome drawing and painting skills, and his humour.
it is now light, bright and exciting in this tunnel.

the ufo and superman silhouettes are a nice small touch..
you have to be really looking to notice them, they are very small details (to give an idea of scale: the ufo is that small smudge to the right above the 'showering' person)

29 July 2011

dead birds

there have been very big oceans recently... and when the tides recede the detritus left behind on the shores is usually pretty shaming.
so much plastic.

but these two birds were also amongst it all.

1 July 2011

door rock
made with:
one pacific ocean rock
two cotton crocheted doilies.

this is a new idea for a door-stop.
not too heavy to move around, yet enough weight to hold a standard door open.
the crochet protects parquet flooring and other smooth flooring materials from being scratched by the rock.