31 July 2010

apparently it is considered good luck to find a four leaf clover...
but what happens when you find eight! (not all pictured)
and even then one of them is not only with four leaves but five, and looking to divide into six with another one perhaps beginning in the centre...
so potentially a seven leaf clover.

all from the same plant.

without searching for them.

29 July 2010

20 July 2010

australian artist louise weaver work is a new discovery for me.
the detail and skill is breathtaking.
these three pieces here are all taxidermied birds which have been deliactely croched over and embelished even more.
how could you improve on the peacock! but here it is with its amazing croched 'suit'...i particularly like the little peep holes that reveal the beautiful 'eye' of the peacock's feather underneath.

9 July 2010

the exposed service wall of the Great Northern hotel due to a blank neighbouring lot in the last stages of demolition.
it's a crazy network that is quite exquisite in its intricate ugliness.

at the moment the very run down pub and hotel is undergoing huge referbishment.
from what can be found out it's a slow process.
but for now there is a new feel to the place with it open again for all sorts of events and menues.
next weekend is the monthly markets in the pub, this month it is fine food.

2 July 2010

i will have a stall at The Olive Tree Markets again this saturday 3rd July.
if you are in newcastle please come along, it might be cold but it'll be a fun day!

1 July 2010

stay up to date with the collaborative quilt that is to be made from all the patches sewn by 27 crafty ladies & gents. click on the Project Patchwork blog logo above to see it all.

my patch has been sent in and you can see the final result in a previous post here.
this quilt along with others will be raffled off to raise money for the Australian Cambodia Foundation.