29 March 2010

two pages of a soft book made for 'a' in NZ
it was inspired by one that was made in the 80's...
the pages were made out of curtain backing material, it has an inbuilt stiffness which is perfect for a book

it is full of texture and as much colour as possible.
rick-rack... i've never before found a decent use for this weird kitschy stuff.
it's kind of appealing and appalling all at once. a very strange haberdashery trim

24 March 2010

these are the sort of details that make a city special...
it is only a vent of course.
but look at the detail...
would the city council/developer/strata committee of today actually take the care to include these kinds of art and design into the final finish of buildings...hummm?

Athcourt building
this little apartment has genuine art deco features in the old bathroom, complete with a terrazzo floor.
what a special find

12 March 2010

the milk jug
the water jug
the sauce jug
the crystal jug
the fat jug
the tall jug
the blue jug ...

the gravy boat

all of these belong to one collection
it grows over years, some of them gifts, some inherited, some bought old or new by alison

after a conversation about the multitudes of jugs in her house and the irresistible shape they have i pulled them all out of their cupboards, shelves and nooks to photograph them all

last count there were 25... but perhaps more

a frontier of jugs

10 March 2010

magazine ...notebook...pen

it's been a while since there has been any of these
today all of them came together

2 March 2010

a confession of my own
i wasn't quick enough to get photos of all the things that city switch completed around the city.
there is one blurry photo of the 'sticky streets' project