30 September 2009

wildpoppy opens, on the cnr of wray ave & south tce, fremantle ...we've been walking past this cafe for a while now, waiting for the new owners to take down the newspaper from the windows and reveal the work done... well worth the wait. it has been transformed into a beautiful space. the colourful lounge set are the favourites. right next to the double seater is a big basket of beautiful wool and knitting needles...and all the magazines are the latest issue!

29 September 2009

'blessed are they who hunger and thirst, for they are sticking to their diet'

27 September 2009

a sky can never look the same in a photograph...but anyway, here is this one, sunday afternoon, just on dusk...

18 September 2009

owl patch made for d. there was a tear in the wool on the back of the jumper that prompted the thought of patching rather than just an ordinary mend job, so d asked for it to be embelished...an owl seemed the obvious choice... hope she agrees...

2 September 2009

mustard camouflage collar ...production time... how many things can be sewn in under a fortnight?