31 December 2008

carrie chau has been mentioned in this blog before. here her artwork, the scarf, has been made into a set of brooches. if you look closely the scarf is being nitted straight from the sheeps back.

the beginning of a very big summer crop. the tomatoes have grown into a tangled jungle...nothing else in the garden is able to find space...the herbs are all but buried.

30 December 2008

this black doll has been waiting to be made for ages. it will hopefully make it way to an artist back in newcastle and be painted...

13 December 2008

'secrets' from the 223 series. made in 2005 for the exhibition A Crowd.
he was finally dismantled after a torn and broken leg....
each piece taken apart and returned to the rescued pile of bits to be used again in something new.
a similar thing happened to another 223 series doll, 'Pupa'. he was not completely dismantled but just had some new legs made... he went on to be exhibited in an exhibition all his own.

6 December 2008

bumper stickers can be so clever sometimes... often they are just weird. this one was on the back of a beaten up old country ute in bailingup.

empty beds seem to still be an ongoing theme for this blog.
these ones are from a holiday stay in nannup wa on the first weekend of december.
it was a weekend of bike riding, many birds, amazing bush, eating and skinny dipping in the blackwood river.