28 November 2008

jody wong (from the previou post) has just started her own blog like i hoped she might.
it is just at the beginning... but surely it will be full of interesting sketches and things in no time.

26 November 2008

there is nothing quite like a sketch found in the corner of a diary, notebook or even a post-it note.
these two by jody wong are so whimsical and divine that i just had to post them here for all to see. the characters are anything but the usual...though at the same time they seem almost familiar...there is a story going on... yet the sketches only reveals tiny hints. it would be great to see more. perhaps the artist will create her own blog soon.

14 November 2008

these pictures were taken at the most southern western corner of australia. augusta is the closest town to this wild and beautiful place... cape leeuwin, where the indian & the southern ocean meet, is a good place to watch for whales and of course to see squally weather blast over from the not so far off antarctic

9 November 2008

as part of the silver artrage festival in perth, windows on william 2008 has just started. this is where a large range of stores on william street give their window space over to an artist, or group of artists to create an installation in. in each store there are limited edition postcards to collect. above are six of them, below are pics of keith and lottie's window, and lala orange too.