29 February 2008

26 February 2008

ships & chips...our first western australian sunset...fremantle is a great place so far, and we haven't even been here 24hrs yet!

25 February 2008

it's gus the snails birthday...i saw this in a melbourne back lane and thought he'd like it....

aesop.... another beautiful store for their products.
it's all made out of cardboard...in melbourne's cbd

23 February 2008

later in the afternoon...a lonely arm chair near harris street in brunswick east, melbourne

newcastle beach... last surf at the beach before we head west

the restored fascard of newcastle ocean baths... they are just starting to paint the southern wing of the ocean baths changrooms. this is the place my grandmother used to swim when she was a schoolgirl up on the hill at newcastle grammar.
this will be my last swim here for a while...

21 February 2008

the old musty carpet & pressed tin ceilings of barker street. the bedroom & the lounge room ceilings have been studied for many hours over the three years of living at no.7

this pressed tin ceiling belongs to J's old room of 11 high street

all the empty rooms. everything has gone now...it's so clean and bright

20 February 2008

everything gets packed in a box unless is doesn't: then it goes in the bin
goodbye barker street, goodbye red bikini

18 February 2008

it's been a week of packing up. the artworks on the walls are the last things to come down and be carefully stored away.
Jake, Sissie, Muffie, Gavin & Arthur are all ready for their big move to WA.

14 February 2008

the best thing about moving is going through everything...reading old letters, dusting off books and sorting out forgotten collections.
these cards all come from one friend over years of letter writing. it is by no means the extent of the cards Abigail has sent over the last ten years i have known her. while gathering them all together i noticed a lot of the cards have birds on them. the owl even appears again!

13 February 2008

a few more owls came into my collection over christmas & the new year... a bookmark, a brooch and a hand painted card