25 September 2007

20 September 2007

the old newcastle hospital is close to demolition...so all the
furniture has been jumbled into the carpark for dumping. everything
has been pushed into a pickup truck and taken, no interest in
redistributing the very usable pieces of furniture... old chairs, desks
and various collectable items of disused medical equipement...

10 September 2007

these letters were still drifting on the water three days later.......

five letters cut from thick card and taken over to
king edward park for sunday afternoon installation

6 September 2007

Lucas Grogan from exhibition White
opening on the 20th September 2007 at Watt Space Gallery

Lucas was one of the winners of the 2007 Annual Student Aquisitive
Art Prize. He won a prize in the 2D catagory with a series of x-ray,
x-rated drawings which sold out. White features artworks executed in
a similar fashion. Lucas has exhibited numerous times at Watt Space
and other galleries at Newcastle.

'There's an unsaid rule or taboo in Australian art in regards to the
use of appropriation of traditional indigenous design. Either you need
specific permission from a community or you can't use it at all. But in
a global art world, Australian art is seen as typically indigenous in
nature. Where does that leave people like me? Am I not an Australian
artist? Or should I be considered a Western artist? And am I
appropriating or stealing? And is it because I live in Australia that
the restraints of using a traditional indigenous design are somewhat
uncouth? These are my issues.'

Lucas Grogan

5 September 2007

this apology is scrawled over a trashed wall
of an abondoned bowling club perched on a
newcastle headland... this poignant 'sorry'
note is a tender detail amongst the chaos.
who is steven? what did he do? why did he
leave his tragedy on a wall for us to read?