29 May 2010

this is a new cushion made for the olive tree markets in newcastle.
i've been readying stock and organising the designs i want to discontinue and a few i'd like to develop further... then i just wanted to make something that was on my metal plate.
and this is what came out:
it's always a surprise
a good one this time

the cuckoo cushion

but i wish i could have a vision that wasn't always so red!
anything works in this colour, so really not a challenge at all.

the markets are on in one week. 5th june 2010. the weather is looking wet.
not sure if it's a wise thing to be working towards a washout market day.

i finished three new collars on friday, these ones are each clasped by a vintage badge.
the tuncurry bowling club badge is great colours and design.
what a gem.

these three collars are now on their way down to sydney and will be for sale at Gaffa Gallery along with some other new designs

28 May 2010

this is a morbid friday post.


it is a little nod to artist friend CW, every time i see a dead bird i think of her recent exhibition at Podspace...
her photographs were beautifully created and framed. all of them found dead animals in the urban and the rural settings. mostly on roads like these poor birds i found.
the foot is the one that can really bring on a whince.

actually i've been photographing dead birds for a while...but the images are mostly buried somewhere in negative form. probably not even printed yet, that was when i developed and printed all my own in black and white film stock.

20 May 2010

Blue 750
by Shi Jindian
wire woven motorcycle and sidecar

it is part of an exhibition called 'the Tao of Now' showing at the White Rabbit Gallery ...
what an amazing scultpure, the technique is something like crochet, from what i can find out. he uses
simple custom made hand tools and works right down to the finest details